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Meet Office Max

Office Max: Computer repair? That’s news to us

Office Max® Store Near the top of are familiar navigation tabs: Office Supplies, Paper, Technology, Ink & Toner, Office Furniture, Print Services, Breakroom & Cleaning. Nowhere at the top of the site, not even after clicking or hovering over the Technology tab, can you find a link for computer support. Office Max® has such a branch of its business, but it’s evidently not very proud of it.

Office Max® got its start in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, in 1988 and now has nearly 1,000 locations. The company went public in the mid-1990s; its stock (symbol OMX) has done fairly well of late, rising more than 80% in the third quarter of 2012.

Office Max® probably figures that when it comes to computer repair, if it comes up with a catchy name, the rest will take care of itself. Its tech-support branch is called Ctrlcenter®, with a nifty logo and the slogan, “We’ll fix you up.” They make house calls and do in-store and online repair. They say that most repairs can be done in one day, but that depends on your particular location.

The Platinum Tuneup, offered only as an in-store service, is $60 plus tax. It’s like Bud Light Platinum; you can match it to whatever fancy metal you want, but it’s still Bud Light.

Office Max® charges $130 for an in-home wireless network setup. Want a printer set up at home? That’s another $130. In limited dealings with Office Max®, it seems the stores have a good selection of supplies, a serviceable print center and decent specials and coupons. But repair services are probably best handled elsewhere. Even Office Max®’s own web site knows that. You have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to find the first mention of Ctrlcenter®.

To get the low-down on Office Max, checkout their website.

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